Sentimental Creatures For Geeks // THE NAME

I first said the words "sentimental creatures" as an endearing title for my little friendship with my dog.  I  liked how the words sounded together and soon found it a fitting way to describe my idealistic view of life and people and God.  I am sentimental to a fault, but to my advantage I have found a lot of meaning by viewing life this way.

Sentimental: marked by feeling rather than thought. Having or expressing strong feelings of love, sadness, etc., in a way that may seem foolish or excessive. (syn. passionate, dreamy, nostalgic, softhearted.) 

This little phrase turned out to be a perfect title for this record, an accurate way to describe the content and a good name for listeners who find themselves in this music.  The songs are deep and emotional, romantic and sappy, to an uncomfortable extent for the pragmatic mind.  And I think that is ok. It is good to dare to believe that when it is all said and done, things really will be as good as we all wish they would be. 

Here is a journal entry from January, as I was getting my own pragmatic mind to submit to my sentimental heart: 

"I will never shy away, curb my sentimentality and romanticism. The world is harsh and cold. And if humans are capable of the dreamy escape, fantasies of a New World, let them travel there and be free if only for a moment. For this natural and childish longing proves a future reality that awaits us."
"So what if my language is terribly sappy, overly sentimental and romantic, constantly drawing comparisons from the deepest and sweetest forms of human love? I find it backwards and blasphemous for there to be countless volumes on human relation and to wince when applying similar language to our relationship with the Divine, or to save for Him only cold and formal terms.
Is it possible to be too intimate? Too kind? Too passionate? To go "too far"? Assuming to ourselves that language like that should be reserved for human lovers only?
Never forget what came first! Do not be so foolish as to get it backwards. Do not define the Creator by the creation, but rather the creation by the Creator.
There's no love between friends, no love from a parent to child, no love from a lover to another that is more than a shadow, just a shadow of the Source, Love Himself, for which no words or language can be too extreme."