Sentimental Creatures for Geeks // CREDITS

MAY 12, "Sentimental Creatures" went live on the world wide web and was well received by many  wonderful listeners.  Thank you for all of your feedback! 

Sentimental Creatures is the result of 4 years of writing, and 10 months of work and creativity of some amazing individuals.  In the coming weeks I will write a number of blog posts called "Sentimental Creatures For Geeks" sharing some of background information with anyone who would like to 'geek-out' with me.  I'll cover credits, the name, the art, and write song-by-song liner notes.  If there's anything else you are curious about, feel free to leave a comment or email in. 


I miss the music-listening experiences I had as a kid: saving my money, buying a CD, and listening to the whole thing on my discman while reading the CD insert - lyrics, credits, thanks you's, and all. So for nostalgia sake, for you who want to read this, and in honor of the awesome people behind this record, I am writing this credits post.   

Drums and Percussion // Mason Self - I know Mason from Raleigh and over time woke-up/clued-in to his unique type of drumming.  Mason's playing style is hypnotically groovy, complicated yet easy to listen to, and at times I have to convince him to play louder, an odd problem to have with a drummer.  His drumming was a perfect fit for this record, bringing much texture and movement to these songs in a clever way.  Mason is a great person to be around; he and his wife exude peace and joy.  He plays music full-time for Gungor and a handful of other artists and also makes crazy beats on an OP1. 

Pedal Steel // Josh Kaler - Absolutely no instrument moves me like the pedal steel.  So for this record, it was no-brainer.  The beautiful pedal steel playing was provided by Nashville musician Josh Kaler.  Josh has played for many artists including Butch Walker and a personal favorite of mine from a few years back - Jump Little Children / Jay Clifford.  

Vocals // Jacob Early, John & Samantha Ray- The vocals on this record were done by me, Jacob Early, John & Samantha Ray. Jacob did a beautiful job singing with me on "Deserve" and "Dimensions." John and Sam, my brother and sister-in-law, are featured on "In the Meantime" "There's Still Time" and "Dimensions." Together we did the gang/group vocals on "Too Good" and "Twenty Four"; since the four of us span bass to soprano, we felt pretty unstoppable together. 

Producer // Jacob Early - Jacob proved to be a perfect teammate for me in the making of this record.  He's an innovative engineer, ready to try anything to get the right sound. And he's an excellent producer, with killer instincts for song arrangement and development, and a knack for writing catchy parts.  

Mixing Engineer // Chad Wahlbrink - Chad and I connected 2 years ago through Mason Self, and I've been blessed ever since.  Chad is a very gifted engineer with an amazing discography of work at his young age. So if you need new music go here.  Chad came to the beach with us and captured PURE:Live in 2013.  It was a joy to have his touch on this record as well. 

Mastering Engineer // Taylor Bray - At the very last minute Taylor agreed to master Sentimental Creatures and did a wonderful job adding the a final coat that fit the music very well.  I connected with Taylor through my sister-in-law Sam (listed above) because they worked together to make Sam's beautiful EP Royalty in 2012. 

Executive Producer // Elijah Mosely and Threshing Floor Audio - It was truly a dream come true to work at Threshing Floor Audio under the executive leadership of Elijah Mosley.  4-5 years ago I heard a few records that came from his studio that changed my mind completely about the blending of faith and music, and I felt for the first time like I knew where I could fit.  Elijah is a pioneer, quietly and radically changing the music scene. 

Art and Design // Doc Reed - I first saw Doc Reed's art on poster for Raleigh's festival Hopscotch. I was really impressed and kept him in mind for over a year.  When he agreed to do the cover art, he absorbed himself in the music and created a piece that has been a perfect fit for the heart of the album.  I will share more in an upcoming post on the art and design. 

Thank you to all of these brilliant individuals! I am a fan of each of you for good.