Funding Finish Line in Sight

With a pile of new songs and ideas, I began a project in July 2014, my first attempt at a solo, folk album. From time to time, I remember something I was told by a high school teacher, "Jess, you are a folk singer, don't forget that."  I listened to a lot of jazz and rock at that point and knew I fit somewhere between the two, and in time would find my own little space somewhere between blues and folk, and begin to express that style in my own way.  Music is a much a journey as anything else in life.  Every year, every connection, every inspiration changes you into something new. By the end of a project, you are a different (and hopefully better) person than when you started.  With the creation of this project, I have not arrived by any means, but I have created something that is the most accurate expression of my sound and soul to date.

The recording process spanned September to December and was a great experience through-and-through. Every month, financial support for the project came in, often right in time and to the exact amount needed.  I am deeply grateful for the many friends who believe in this music.

The album is called 'Sentimental Creatures' and will release in April of 2015.

Click the video below for a FIRST LISTEN and details about the release!  

Good news: At the beginning of this week, LESS THAN $2,500 was needed to fully fund this project!

Even better news!: A generous donor has offered to MATCH up to $1,250 of donations.

AT THE TIME OF THIS POST: $895 is needed to hit the funding finish line! 

A gift of $25 will receive: (1) early release digital download, (2) ticket to release show, (3) CD

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