Studio Photo Journal 2

LAYERS and LAYERS are being added to the tracks as of late!  Our approach to this album is unique because I've been challenged by others (and challenged myself) to play the majority of the instrumentation.  With the exception of drummer Mason Self and 1-2 other special guests, I will perform most of the arrangements myself, including: guitars, bass, keys, banjo, horns, and aux percussion.  Recent days have looked a lot like the images below - me hopping on whatever instrument, teaming up with producer Jacob Early, and building arrangements for these songs.  

THE ALBUM IS ON TRACK TO BE RELEASED in late Spring 2015.  It is still un-named at this point and a few ideas are on the table.  We are happy with the 10 songs that have found their place on this project.  

FRIENDS, FAMILY & FANS HAVE GIVEN $3000 toward the album recording this fall!  I am so grateful and thrilled for everyone to hear what they have invested in.  There is a remainder of $3,500 needed over the next 2 months to finish the production of the project.  I'm confident that all of this will come together in just the right time. Thank you for your interest and support! 

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